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How to conduct abandoned cart email campaign

Sending email has been proved to be an effective method for reminding customers about their intention of buying and encouraging them to complete their orders. Through this way, you can recover the abandoned carts and retrieve much of the potential revenue. 1. To implement an abandoned cart email campaign, there…

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What is abandoned cart and why it happens?

1. What is Abandoned Cart? Abandoned cart is the situation when customers put items on their online shopping cart but exit the website without placing orders. The cart abandonment rate shows the proportion of the items added to the shopping cart are abandoned. It is calculated by this formula:  (Added…

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What can sellers do on dropshipping center AliExpress?

AliExpress is a giant player in the e-commerce market. So, it is easy to understand why it invested a lot of money in Dropshipping Center AliExpress. This center has a lot of outstanding features for sellers, in which 3 most major ones are as follows: 1. Find winning products Dropshipping…

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