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How to conduct abandoned cart email campaign

Sending email has been proved to be an effective method for reminding customers about their intention of buying and encouraging them to complete their orders. Through this way, you can recover the abandoned carts and retrieve much of the potential revenue.

1. To implement an abandoned cart email campaign, there are two prerequisites that need to be considered: 

  • The visitor has added items to their cart but exit without placing an order
  • You have the visitor’s information such as phone number or email address

You can collect the visitor’s phone number or email address when they enter it on the checkout form. Besides, there are many ways for you to capture more email addresses such as having a subscription form for the buyers, using exit intent pop-ups and using the triggered email booster feature.

The email’s content should contain different messages, such as the detail of the cart, the product recommendations and discounts. You should have the messages personalized to attract the customers and also generated in real-time.

2. According to a Barilliance study, this is how the most effective abandoned cart email campaign happens:

  • The first email should be sent after 1 hour with the main message about the content of the cart.
  • The second email comes up after 24 hours (since buyers tend to shop at the same time everyday) and the main message will focus on the customer service and helping with issues
  • The last email will be sent after 72 hours with the core message about free shipping or offer a discount code. Because this is the last chance to convert the cancelled buyers, this email should hold them with enough promises.  

3. Below are some important notes for the campaign:

  • Tone: the email should have a helpful and concerned tone, which is characteristic of professional customer service.
  • Clarity: the email’s purpose needs to be expressed clearly and in a specific way. Using CTA on the email to take back the customers is a good idea should be included.
  • Consistent analysis: you should constantly analyze and optimize your performance throughout this campaign. A/B testing can be applied to find out the best way to understand the customers. Making a survey to figure out the reason for stopping orders should be aware as this is the fastest way to understand and tackle the problems.

The techniques can be applied for SMS marketing which is known as the best alternatives for email marketing in abandoned cart recovery. SMS reminding customers about their abandoned carts are even more preferred due to impressive open rate up to 99% and response rate up to 45%, according to