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What is one-step checkout?

1. What is one-step checkout? One-step checkout (a.k.a one-page checkout) is a checkout option that allows consumers to complete the checkout process by entering data into one single form on one page only. 2. Benefits of one-step checkout It aims to shorten the checkout time so consumers can finish their...

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How to start your print on demand business

1. Choose your niche Before doing anything, you have to know what you are going to sell and whom you to sell them to. It’s vital to select a niche that serves your primary customers’ needs as well as has a wide reach. Otherwise, you may find it hard to...

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How to find trending products for dropshipping

1. Social media Social media conversions could be a perfect place for you to start finding trending products for dropshipping. Some of the social platforms you should “investigate” are: Reddit: Reddit is packed full of subgroups (referred to as subreddits) where people often engage in discussions about trending products on...

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What are 5 dropshipping trends in 2021?

1. Mobile-first commerce The percentage of ecommerce sales made through mobile devices is expected to surpass 50% by 2022. The fact is, consumers find it more convenient and easy to browse the Internet and buy stuff from their smartphones than from a computer. Therefore, make sure your dropshipping websites are...

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What is branded dropshipping?

1. What is branded dropshipping? Branded dropshipping refers to the process of you creating a brand out of your online store and selling products with the brand on them. 2. How does branded dropshipping work? Branded dropshipping works just like the way dropshipping does. You still buy products from suppliers...

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What is a pre-built dropshipping store?

1. What is a pre-built dropshipping store? A pre-built dropshipping store is a store that is already set and optimized to be ready for selling products using the dropshipping fulfillment method. Such stores are now more readily available and cheaper than it has ever been. Back in 2016, getting a...

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What is order fulfillment service?

1. What is order fulfillment service? Order fulfillment service is a service that helps fulfill your orders, including supplying, packing, and shipping ordered products to your end customers. This service is now very popular with e-commerce sellers as it allows them to cut the order fulfillment step, which is very...

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How to prepare for your dropshipping ads?

1. Your target audience The most important thing to know before advertising any of your products is your target audience. In other words, you have to know who you are advertising to. If you’re dropshipping shoes, your ads shouldn’t be targeting people who are looking for shirts. 2. Your ad...

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How to deal with long shipping times in dropshipping

Too many customers of yours get mad and go away because of long shipping times? It’s time to find some ways to deal with it. 1. Use ePacket Just in case you have no idea what ePacket is, it is a shipping option offered by third-party logistics providers in China...

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What is a dropshipping platform?

1. What is a dropshipping platform? A dropshipping platform is a platform that provides necessary products and/or services allowing users to dropship. 2. How does a dropshipping platform work? A dropshipping platform works just like a foundation for online businesses. The fundamental functionalities the platform provides include: Website creation and...

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What are dropshipping costs?

To get your dropshipping website up and running, you have to pay for the following dropshipping costs: 1. A domain A custom domain is a must if you want your website to look professional and reliable in customers’ eyes. The cost of buying a domain can vary from $20 to...

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What is dropshipping?

1. What is dropshipping? Dropshipping is an order fulfillment method that does not require a store to keep products in stock. Instead, the store sells the product, forwards the order to a third-party supplier, who then has it packed and shipped to the customer. 2. How does dropshipping work? To...

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What are traffic sources?

1. What are traffic sources? The traffic sources metric measures which sources are driving visitors to your website. In other words, it shows you where your website visitors come from. 2. What are the main traffic sources? 2.1. Organic search traffic Organic search traffic refers to the visitors who visit...

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What is frequently bought together recommendation?

1. What is “Frequently bought together recommendation”? Frequently bought together recommendation is a sales tactic that aims to make customers buy more products than they’re supposed to. 2. How does it work? Let’s say, as a customer, you visit an online store and find a pen (the product you are looking...

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