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What is a dropshipping platform?

1. What is a dropshipping platform?

A dropshipping platform is a platform that provides necessary products and/or services allowing users to dropship.

2. How does a dropshipping platform work?

A dropshipping platform works just like a foundation for online businesses.

The fundamental functionalities the platform provides include:

  • Website creation and optimization – The functionality that allows users to create a website where customers visit and buy products.
  • Product management – The functionality that helps users to manage the products displaying on their websites.
  • Order management – The functionality that supports users to manage the orders made on their websites and fulfilled by their suppliers.
  • Payment integration – The functionality that allows users to get paid by customers through a payment gateway.
  • Business performance analytics – The functionality that helps users to keep track of their business performance.

3. What is the most popular dropshipping platform?

Currently, there are not so many platforms that specialize in dropshipping solutions only. Instead, you probably often come across general e-commerce platforms that allow people to sell online no matter what type of business model they choose. And the names are the most-picked among them all are:

  • ShopBase – The go-to for those who are looking to make the very first move towards dropshipping and e-commerce as well. The platform is praised for affordable plans (starting at $19 only) and free apps (for forever) that allow people on a tight budget to start dropshipping easily.
  • Shopify – The great place for deep-pocket newbies to start dropshipping. Shopify is probably the most-used platform because of its diverse app store. The only problem is they all come with high prices.
  • BigCommerce – Probably the best fit for those who have already dropshipped and been looking to scale their business to the next level of growth.
  • WooCommerce – A good starting point for those dropshippers who have a technology background. WooCommerce comes with a wide range of high-tech features which can be powerful for tech-savvy users but intimidating for the rest.