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High conversion storefront, one-minute setup

No more hard time converting the ice-cold traffic into leads, subscribers, or sales. With our advanced eCommerce website templates, you can effortlessly increase your store conversion rate higher than ever!

Have your Print-on-demand store fully-optimized and ready to sell in just 1 click. No more painful & time-consuming setting up steps.

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Magnify your profit easily with up-sell & cross-sell

ShopBase provides you with powerful but free apps for effective up-sell & cross-sell, quantity discount, bulk pricing, etc. to help maximize profits from your traffic.

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ShopBase - Dropshipping and POD playform
Up-sell & cross-sell

Earn more on every order by offering up-sell & cross-sell items on product detail pages/ cart pages.

1-click post purchase up-sell

Increase your AOV with post purchase up-sell on the thank you page after checkout.

Boost AOI with product combos

Motivate customers to buy more with bundled discount and quantity discount.

ShopBase - Dropshipping and POD playform

Boost sales with native marketing tools

Convert the hard-earned traffic into sales, turn your visitors into more revenue with ShopBase automated tools.

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Leverage social proof & urgency marketing

Show recent sales popups & stock countdown on your storefront to create a sense of urgency & skyrocket your sales

Recover abandoned cart with emails & sms

Recover abandoned carts by sending targeted SMS & emails to customers who have left your store without purchases.

Lead generation popups

Get more subscribers for your store & increase the email list by an exit pop-up to entice customers with coupons.

Gain customer happiness & loyalty with powerful personalized products

Let your customers create their personalized products, allow them to visualize the final product before placing an order & increase your brand love with an exceptional shopping experience.

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ShopBase - Dropshipping and POD playform
ShopBase - Dropshipping and POD playform

Enjoy competitive product basecost, speedy delivery, and premium fulfillment service

Partner with trusted fulfillment servicesin all over the world to bring you the most competitive base cost with highest product quality and blazing-fast shipping time.

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Competitive base cost

Maximizing your profit has never been easier with our jaw-dropping base costs of trendiest products such as Tee, Mug, Canvas, Shoes, Blanket, etc.

Fast processing time

ShopBase uses DTG printing to print & process your orders the fastest way possible with the product quality remained premium.


ShopBase cooperates directly with trusted global product fulfillmentservices to have your orders automatically fulfilled and quickly shipped to customers.

Top-notch tools specifically designed for your Print-on-demand business

Take big advantage over your competition with more powerful features dedicated to your growth.

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ShopBase - Dropshipping and POD playform
Live order tracking

Show customers their order status right in the order confirmation page via our live tracking system.

Allow multiple pixels

Add multiple pixels to your Print-on-demand sites to fully understand customer behaviors, analyze traffic and back-up as well.

Instant theme duplication

Easily copy a theme from one of your Print-on-demand stores to another. No more long time setup!

Centralized analytics

Running multiple stores? Track your sales & get all important metrics in a single dashboard with our centralized eCommerce Analytics.

ShopBase - Dropshipping and POD playform

Sell products internationally

Immediately kick off your business and go global with ShopBase international standard storefront, which automatically detects customers' location then shows your languages and prices in their native languages & local currency.

By connecting with trustworthy China & US suppliers and global payment providers, we give you the ability to reach global markets easily and sell to millions of customers. Let's take your Print-on-demand store international without hassle!

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ShopBase - Dropshipping and POD playformShopBase - Dropshipping and POD playformShopBase - Dropshipping and POD playformShopBase - Dropshipping and POD playformShopBase - Dropshipping and POD playformShopBase - Dropshipping and POD playformShopBase - Dropshipping and POD playform
ShopBase - Dropshipping and POD playform logo

Grow your Print-on-Demand empire with our latest solution

Choose PrintBase - our all-in-one Print-on-demand service for your online business.

From a fully customizable online store to built-in payments & automated customer support, PrintBase gives you the end to end solution to effortlessly create & sell printed products online.

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