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What is one-step checkout?

one step checkout

1. What is one-step checkout?

One-step checkout (a.k.a one-page checkout) is a checkout option that allows consumers to complete the checkout process by entering data into one single form on one page only.

2. Benefits of one-step checkout

It aims to shorten the checkout time so consumers can finish their orders as simply and quickly as possible.

It’s a win-win. Checkout is made easier and faster for consumers and at the same time sellers can make more sales as the overall conversion funnel is shortened.

3. When is one-step checkout effective and when not?

It can be the most effective when consumers check out for low ticket items, during flash sales, for repeat orders, and for mobile shopping experiences.

However, one-step checkout should be applied for high-tick item purchases when a simple checkout page could be considered untrusted. Moreover, it can seem rushed when consumers are pushed to make their purchase using a very fast checkout option.

4. How to optimize one-step checkout?

You will never find the right format for your checkout page if you won’t test every single element of it. It’s highly recommended to A/B test every element displayed on your checkout page.

From design, to form field messages, to call to action, and more, testing from time to time is the only way for you to find the best fit for your checkout page. You shouldn’t refer to other websites’ checkout page, as one-size-fits-all doesn’t work this time. You and others don’t share the same target consumers, so the checkout experiences might be different too.