Store management

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Inventory management

Effectively manage your product inventory with ShopBase, seamlessly track stock counts for your online store.
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Organize products by collection

Automatically sort products based on price, vendor, size, inventory level, etc. using smart Product collection.
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Find suppliers and fulfill your products

Connect to our fulfillment service or integrate your own fulfillment solution into your ShopBase Dropshipping stores to fulfill orders quickly & accurately.
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Order fulfillment

Fulfill multiple orders and much more in one place, in one click with ShopBase.
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Staff accounts

If your store needs more people to operate the business, set them as staff accounts (with limited permissions) to let them access to your store admin.

Customer management

Learn more about customers and their shopping habits based on the browsing history & previous purchases. Find their contact info and reach out to them in a second via Customer database management.

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