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What is essential for an abandoned cart email

A daunting fact to eCommerce business owners: Over 75% of people abandon their shopping carts online. What does that mean?

For every 4 of your store’s visitors, there are 3 of them who have actually added at least one item to their cart but then leave without making a purchase.

Therefore, it is important to develop an abandoned cart email strategy in order to maximize your revenue. While the open rate for eCommerce emails is around 15%, that of abandoned cart emails is nearly 45%.

Today, we are going to take a look at the best practices for abandoned cart emails so you could have an idea to use it for developing your own strategy:

  • Use clear text that could get your customers’ interests. As an example, Dyson uses “All is not lost” and “We saved the contents”. That is totally not boring at all for the audiences, and it also conveys a positive message: We want to help you with your online order.
  • It is essential to also include a list of the items still left in their cart with their (well-taken, of course) image of them.
  • Offer promotions for the, if possible. 
  • Aim for creating a sense of urgency by making use of the Fear of Missing out (FOMO). For example, “Your cart for this promotion was saved, but the offer is only for a limited time” could incite your customers to quickly make a purchase.
  • CTA (Call-to-action) buttons should be included to make it more convenient for customers to complete their purchase at every touchpoint.
  • Add a touch of personalization in your emails such as “Dear Lina, you haven’t finished your order yet.” could make your customer feel like they are being directly spoken to. Another examples could be: 

“Did you forget about me, Dina? 

Dina, we’ve saved your cart 

Hey Dina, Lemme teleport you back to your cart. free of charge.

Dina, your cart is wondering where you went 

Your cart MADE us send this reminder, Dina” 

  • Include secure payment badges at the end of the email to create a sense of trust for your customers. At the same time, you could add a quick, short glimpse of return and exchange policy so your customers could feel more confident when making a purchase.