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Make your online business more convenient with app integration

Many business owners create their online dropship or print on demand stores on e-commerce platforms namely Shopify, Shopbase, WooCommerce, etc.  Though these print on demand platforms provide merchants with lots of built-in features and themes, you may be still in need of dropshipping apps to extend or customize your store. That is why today we would like to introduce App Integration, a tool to help make your online business easier.

1. What is App Integration?

App Integration, also known as plugin integration, is the method of installing additional apps or plugins into your online store pages to gain benefits from services or extra features. 

2. What types of Plugin are available?

Here we will divide them into two major criteria: 

  1. Functions:
    There are a lot of additional apps that can assist you in your operations. These include: Analytics reporting, inventory management, productivity, search engine, finances, security, etc. The three must-have apps for you should concern order and shipping, marketing, sales and conversion.
  2. Pricing:
    Depending on your financial situation, you can consider the charging method of the plugins.
    • One-time charge
    • Time based charge (monthly, annually, etc.)
    • Usage-based charge

3. What to consider when choosing an app? 

3.1. Usability

Ease of access and navigation should be something to note down, especially if you are new to the e-commerce game. Watch some video tutorials, introductions and read through guides to see if the app is comprehensive enough for you.

3.2. Pricing

Purchasing a plugin that is at a reasonable price is equally important. Every business owner wants to save money and invest at the right place. You should consider if the app’s effectiveness in delivering results goes together with its pricing.

3.3. Features

Last but not least, make sure that what you are installing has features you require and does not interfere with your business goals. Do careful research and should you have any questions, contact customer support.