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How text message marketing could help your business grow

Text message, also known as SMS marketing, could be defined as the strategy of using text messages (SMS) to inform your customers of limited and/or exclusive campaigns, updates and/or deals/promotions for marketing purposes. 

1. The importance of text message marketing

  • Engagement rates

A person checks their phone every 12 minutes on average, which accounts for 80 times per day; and the rates for text message opening is 98%.

Also, 95 out of 100 adults around the world own a mobile phone. Given that there is no internet connection required, it is sufficient to say that SMS marketing is the best marketing method in terms of engaging rates.

  • Trackability

Most SMS and MMS marketing platforms offer trackability. This means you could manage your SMS marketing campaign straight on your desktop. Many text message marketing platforms allow you to track your marketing campaign right in your dashboard.

  • Interactivity

You can totally use text message marketing to enhance interaction between you and your customers by means of a “reply” button or a link which redirects to your site’s landing page.

  • Instant text delivery

A distinctive feature of this marketing method is that you do not have to wait long to gain insights as your text message is delivered almost instantly. You can set up a text message marketing campaign and receive feedback in just a matter of seconds. 

2. Text messaging marketing tactics

  • Coupons

Providing your customers with coupon codes could act as a practical method in attracting repeat customers. Also, this could create surprise for them when they are not expecting any rewards, this enhancing their shopping experience with you. Another tip is to add expiry dates for those coupon codes so as to ensure that they would be more anxious to make another purchase on your site. 

  • Polls

It is possible to create polls via SMS marketing. Customers like their opinions being heard, which creates a feeling of being a part of your business’ growth. Therefore, by using polls as a form of survey, you can both gain customer insights and further develop your business strategies.