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5 mistakes POD business should avoid

Either you are new to the POD business world, below are some common mistakes that you should be aware of together with some solutions.

1. Selling Generic Designs

There are already plenty of basic designs available from other sellers, so you might have to face high competition if selling one. Therefore, to ensure success, find a specific niche, and focus your efforts there. You can also use tools like Google Trends to identify trends that you could include in your designs.

2. Doing It All on Your Own

There are two main aspects you need to do well in print on demand business: finding product ideas, creating good designs, marketing them to your customers, and supporting them after purchase.

An entrepreneur is rarely an excellent designer and marketer, not to mention that these tasks take a lot of time if one of these fields is your weak point, partner up with someone good at it.

3. Setting Unclear Policies

Be honest with your customer about shipping time as well as refund and return process. Make sure you clarify these things to your customers in advance via refund & return policy, shipping & tax policy, and privacy policy.

4. Selling T-shirts Only

Entrepreneurs often forget that there are many other products that they can put their designs on, such as hoodies, phone cases, mugs, pillowcases, etc. and you do not need to worry about introducing new goods as there is no actual inventory or any stock that you need to hold. Therefore, adapting your designs to multiple items to give your customers more choices is recommended.

5. Not Following Up

it is always good to learn about the customer experience and make changes when necessary, especially for new businesses. This important task, however, is usually ignored once the revenue starts going in.

Always keep in mind customers’ opinion. Do surveys or encourage them to give constructive criticism. By understanding how your products were discovered, what is good, and what needs improvement, you will be able to better the quality.