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What we need to know when choosing ePacket delivery?

ePacket delivery is a shipping method which was originally an agreement between the Hong Kong Post the US Postal Service (USPS) in 2011 offered by merchants from China and Hong Kong and is currently available in more than forty countries and territories worldwide. 

ePacket delivery features a faster and more convenient shipping alternative for international sellers.

1. Who delivers ePacket?

The whole shipping process using ePacket involves many parties. In the first phase of the shipping process, the courier in the seller’s country (which is either China or Hong Kong) delivers the package to the border, and the courier of the destination country will finally ship the package to the customer. They are responsible for delivering it to the address provided by the buyer when they ordered.

2. Requirements for ePacket Delivery 

According to USPS, there are certain requirements for using ePacket delivery which are related to the weight, dimensions and the price of the product.

  • Weight: The item must not weigh over 2 kg (4.4 lbs). This is the whole weight, which includes the product and every other packaging material that comes in the shipping package. The only exception is for items shipping to Israel, in which the maximum weight of the package is 3kg(6.6 lbs).  
  • Value: The price of the items being shipped cannot be higher than $400 (US Dollars), and must be shipped from the merchant located in China or Hong Kong to one of the countries which accepts ePacket delivery.
  • Size: The maximum length of the package is 14cm and 11cm for the width. The minimum length of a rollable item is 11 cm. The product should be higher than 17cm when twice the diameter plus the length. In the case when the item is too small to meet the aforementioned requirements, the sellers often make use of a larger box including filler material so as to take advantage of the ePacket delivery method.
  • Package Size: For a regular package, the length should not exceed 60cm. The sum of the length, width and height should not be higher than 90 cm. For a rolled package, the longest side should not exceed 90cm and twice the diameter plus the length should not exceed 104 cm.