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What is white label product?

White label products are products that have the retailers’ own name (also known as “store brand”), branding and logo on the label but the products themselves are actually manufactured by a third party. 

1. White label dropshipping

In the traditional method of manufacturing a white labeling/private labeling products, you would have to purchase from wholesalers products in bulk and have them shipped either to your place or a manufacturing place to add a custom brand label and ship the final product to your customers.

Nowadays, there are several manufacturers and wholesale suppliers that provide white label or private label services. Those services feature modification for some elements of the products and label printing on each item then ship the final products to you or to the facility of your choice. From then you will ship the product to your customers.

However, it is worth noting that there is still another white labeling method that you can learn more about and opt for which is white label dropshipping. Contrary to the traditional method of white labeling, all the manufacturing, storing, packing, and shipping to your customers without any branding or with your brand label will be done by the supplier.

There are two methods of dropshipping: the first method is dropshipping products with your brand label and the second one is blind dropshipping.

2. Dropshipping Products with Your Brand Label

In this method, your brand label will be attached to the product that is sold by the supplier. Your labels could be designed and printed for you by the supplier or you just send them your own custom labels. You will also need to discuss with the supplier about the details.

3. Blind Dropshipping

This is a strategy that can be used when you do not want your customers to know about the product origin and wholesale cost. With this method, it is possible to avoid the unnecessary chargebacks, disputes and complaints from unhappy customers who might feel that they have been ripped-off.

For blind dropshipping, all you need to do is just leave a note to the AliExpress supplier about not including any invoice in the package. In order to make sure that the supplier does take blind dropshipping requests, do contact them and ask them directly about this option before deciding to purchase from their store.

White label dropshipping could play a role in establishing the reputation of your business, thus increasing your revenue more than standard dropshipping. Also, it could also save you from the risk of copyright infringement as the brand label is your own. Still, it is important that you have to work with reliable white label dropshipping suppliers in order to ensure satisfaction for your customers.