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What is the best custom printed product

Ultimately, you can offer personalization items for almost all products in your print on demand store. Some commonly seen items are those with a flat surface to print on like mugs, bottles, pencil boxes, key holders. However, the most popular custom printed product is clothing, T-shirt in particular. It is an everyday article of clothing, and it is totally common to find a person having a dozen T-shirts or more in his/her closet. Therefore, the demand for custom printed T-shirts becomes significant.

The choice of printing technologies can vary depending on your expected quality, material, design, and colours. Below are some T-shirt printing methods to consider:

1. Screen printing

This shirt printing method can only print black images into a shirt, which is why it is necessary to edit a coloured image through other software in advance. 

There are also several other factors to consider in screen printing to yield a high-quality output such as the quality of printers and material.

2. Embroidery

Among all printing methods, embroidery brings about images with the best quality. This printing technology, along with screen printing, is a popular choice among suppliers in the T-shirt printing community. 

3. Transfer paper printing

If you are printing for a one-time project, you can custom print your shirt through a transfer paper. Frequently it is in most bookstores and has one type which is suited for light-colored textile and the other are fitted for darker hues.

4. Inkodye printing

In terms of definition, Inkodye is a water-based dye mix which is used to create images on fabric and textiles. To get the best result, you need to iron the T-shirt to clear all creases and wrinkles before transferring the images. Inkodye printing is perfect for cotton material, which can be ironed without steam.

The product customization industry has appeared and continuously developed for a long time without any sign of going outdated. Instead, the business involving personalized products continues to grow, in parallel to the modernization in technology. Customized products will continue to bring considerable profit to suppliers that can offer the service.