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Tips To Help Optimize Your Product Page

The e-commerce marketplace is without doubt full of potential. But considering how competitive it is right now, it is imperative for online store owners to learn about product page SEO. Here are some tips to help you optimize your product page:

1. Do NOT copy product descriptions from the production website

It is obvious that the one who made the products will understand them the most, but you should not use that as a reason to take the descriptions to paste on your website. Having duplicate content on your product page may go against your purpose of SEO and make your website feel less authentic.

When importing products from the manufacturer, make sure to make your product descriptions unique and creative!

2. Keep your seasonal pages around

Many people make the mistake of removing their seasonal pages after the peak period, and that is understandable. If it does not serve any purpose, why keep it?

However, not deleting seasonal pages can help maintain the pages’ rank after years or can be used to display other available deals to customers. You can put a time-out notice on seasonal pages when they are out of use and authorize them again when peak period comes. Meanwhile, under the notice you can inform customers of your store’s other offers to keep them interested.

3. Use semantic search instead of depending on keyword density

Keyword density refers to the number of times a specific keyword is searched or belongs to the content of a website. Keyword density used to be the elementary concept of SEO, but this status has changed over time. Nowadays, it is considered outdated.

Keyword frequency is no longer important, what is more useful is to analyze the context and intent of searches to show the most relevant content to users. That is when semantic search comes in.