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One-Click Upsell: getting started

1. What is One-click upsell?

In general, a one-click upsell is considered a good way to increase average order value without requiring lots of steps to be done by your customers. An upsell happens when the customer has already input their payment method and is almost done with checkout. Before they finalize the order, there will be an intermediary page where you would recommend buying something else that compliments the main purchase. As the payment method has already been selected, all they need to do is click “Accept” and the offer will be added to their list immediately. 

There is also no risk of losing sales because the customer has already gone forward to the checkout and finished the financing process. They can just decline or accept the upsell…

2. One-Click Upsell When

  • Items Need Customers’ Frequent Restock 

When customers want to buy products that are quick to run out, you can offer them to buy even more of those products, and at a better price. This type of upsell works best on consumable and collectible products such as toilet paper, canned foods, toys, etc. 

  • The offer complements the main purchase

Make a bundle of products that goes well with the initial order and offer a discount. 

  • The customer’s goal is easier to achieve with the offer 

For purposeful orders, you can find the improved version or an item that makes it easier or more convenient for the customer to use. Think of something that can help them better or something that have features that the main product does not have.

3. Never One-Click Upsell When

  • The offer is of a product that has already been available on your online store with the same price.
  • The offer is critical to the function of the main purchase. 
  • The offer is irrelevant to the initial purchase.
  • The offer is nearly identical or has the exact same function of the main purchase.
  • The offer is outrageously more expensive than the initial purchase.