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Is choosing ePacket on AliExpress a good choice?

AliExpress, an eCommerce platform based in China, has long been the most chosen platform for dropshipping stores to find items to sell in their stores. While there are several countries do offer dropshipping, China is still the most popular hub worldwide for dropshipping. While AliExpress shipping time could be significantly higher than that of domestic dropshipping suppliers. Thanks to product diversities, low-priced goods and shipping fees, a lot of dropshippers still opt for the former. This also explains why amateur dropshippers who have only a small budget tend to get wholesale products from AliExpress than other platforms.

Despite the fast shipping method provided by many Aliexpress sellers, most dropshippers still opt for the lowest or free ones as this could ensure a higher profit margin. However, it is still unknown whether this could satisfy customers due to the fact that shipping time might be too long for some.

What should you opt for: AliExpress Standard Shipping or ePacket?

Similar to Amazon FBA, when choosing AliExpress Standard Shipping as the shipping method, items are sent by suppliers directly to the AliExpress warehouse. As AliExpress controls shipping terms as well as tracking numbers, this could prevent frauds. Depending on the destination, AliExpress Standard Shipping’s fees often range from $2 to $3. 

1. AliExpress Standard


  • Free shipping fees to some countries.
  • Tracking numbers provided.
  • Popular shipping method.
  • Good quality packaging.
  • Reliable shipping service with shipping time often varies from 15 to 45 days.


  • Packages sometimes need to be picked from the Customs.
  • Customs duties need to be paid in some cases.
  • Lost packages could happen as in unwanted circumstances.

Meanwhile, ePacket was originally the agreement between the U.S. Postal Service and the national postal carriers of China and Hong Kong in 2011. According to this agreement, light-weight packages could be shipped from China and Hongkong to the USA with tracking numbers provided at a very low cost.

2. ePacket


  • When compared to other shipping methods in China, ePacket is significantly faster.
  • Low rates.
  • Order confirmation with tracking enabled.
  • Shipping time varies from 7 to 30 days.


  • Packages are limited in sizes, weights and costs.
  • Some certain items are only available to some specific countries.
  • Not every country accepts ePacket.
  • Customs duties still need to be paid sometimes.