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How to measure customer satisfaction

As we have mentioned in our churn rate calculation article, customer retention is crucial to the success of an online business. It can also be said the same for maintaining customer loyalty as it costs a lot more to attract new customers than to keep existing customers engaged. 

Why do you need to measure customer satisfaction?

Being constantly aware of customers’ level of happiness is of great importance to customer loyalty for two main reasons: to figure out if your business is going in the right direction, or to immediately troubleshoot if there is a signal of churn.

However, measuring customer satisfaction will be a lot more abstract and complicated than normal calculations such as average order value or growth rate. We have many ways to directly or indirectly estimate customer happiness.

What method to use to directly measure customer satisfaction?

Surveys are the most straightforward method to measure customer service. There are several types of surveys that are distributed to different customer demographics to yield the best possible results.

  • Mid-service customer surveys

This type of survey is offered during the period of a customer’s visit. While they are shopping, these surveys will pop up to capture immediate attention as well as gain a better response rate. However, these surveys should be carefully and mindfully added to prevent customer distraction from shopping. 

  • Post-service customer surveys

After a customer makes a purchase or completes an order, post-service customer surveys are used to get accurate feedback as soon and as possible. This category of survey also includes after a client has finished consulting you, or after you took care of a complaint.

  • Email surveys

While the previous two require immediate response, this one is suitable for broader, more in-depth questions because the recipient can take time to do the survey and choose when they like to click on the link. Despite having the lowest response rate, this method can earn you possibly the most constructive and detailed feedback.