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How to find cool print on demand designs

After you have decided on the niche for your print on demand business, it’s time to look for design ideas. Below are some suggested method of finding ideas for your print on demand designs:

1. Searching with Pinterest and Facebook

Facebook is a nice place to find print on demand designs because this is where most of your competitors are promoting their products using Facebook ads.

You can search for them by typing your niche’s keyword and the word “t-shirt,” or “mug”, … into the search bar.  Promotional terms such as “on-sale” or “limited time offer” are also advisable.

The same method can be applied to find design ideas on Pinterest, but in this case, you’ll use the number of “pins” to gauge a design’s popularity. Pinterest will also help you narrow down your search by displaying popular keywords associated with your initial search.

2. Searching via Google Images

Go to then type in the niche you’re trying to research.

Try a combination of different keywords, such as:

  • Niche + funny
  • Niche + joke
  • Niche + quotes
  • Niche + slang

Caution: Be careful not to use an artist’s paintings or copyrighted items to avoid a lawsuit. Do only get inspiration from them.

3. Searching T-Shirt Design Ideas via Reddit and Other Social Platforms

Some engaging platforms when you can carry out your research:

  • 9Gag. This is a social website where people post jokes and memes for a variety of niches. Here you can keep up with the latest trend and get a sense of humor in what people are talking about. 
  • Reddit. The site is divided into different communities called subreddits to organize the conversations further. By looking at the number of replies and upvotes from community members you can know which post is the hottest and most engaged. 

Not everything you find on these websites applies to POD, as most of the information you will find here is not yet commercialized. Those are just simply viral content. Therefore, you can find a lot of unique quotes on Reddit threads; and rest-assured, most of these quotes are not trademarked because these are from Reddit users just being sarcastic or hilarious. 

4. Combining Niches to Create Cool T-Shirt Designs

One typical example of this is the “Niche + born in (month)” phrase, where you combine a positive personality or niche with customers’ date of birth. Those designs can make them feel special because they think they are among a few who could possess such one-of-a-kind items like that.