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How to attract window shopper to actual customer

It has long been known for every business owner, turning window shoppers into actual buyers is quite a profitable deal. According to Smart Insights, for a long time, the average conversion rate has remained still at 1.5% for most eCommerce businesses; despite the rapid development in recent technology and the growing trust of online customers. 

This could be due to the misunderstanding of customers’ wants and needs and sellers are way too concentrated on product development and order processing. Actually, in most cases, when a window shopper is interested in an item, it is likely that they would put this item in their wishlist for buying later or just straight up getting the item. 

Therefore, it is safe to say window shoppers are not wasting your time and money. Here are a few strategies to turn a window shopper into buyer:

  • Pushing them

Sometimes, window shoppers might need a push to make a purchase. You could push them to buy by limited-time deal, low- stock products, social proof, good reviews from others. Even if they do not make a purchase right afterward, it is still possible for you to stay in contact with them as it is likely that they might think of your brand in the future.

  • Good deals

It is also recommended that you can provide window shoppers with good deals. They could either be a long-period return, replacement or refund policies. Such offers should not be of risk to you if your products are in good quality. Another option is that you could sell them at a discounted price for new customers.

  • User-friendly website interface

It is likely that your website would be the very first thing your customer accesses in order to learn more about your brand. Therefore, an easy-to-navigate website is believed to push a window shopper to make a purchase. Try to make your brand’s website look well-organized, welcoming and appealing to viewers with high-quality products images and videos. It is not advisable to make a too complicated website. 

  • Suggestions

Similar to regular buyers, window shoppers tend to compare items before they make any decision whether to purchase the item or not. Even if they are just looking around, suggest them with similar products related to their search as it is likely that they might consider your product for future purchase decisions. 

  •  Stay in touch with them

It is a common thing that your window shopper might not make any purchase at first. Still, you can make them become your future potential buyer. Therefore, let them have an enjoyable window shopping experience with your website by guiding or providing them recommendations and such so that they can have a good impression of your business. Try to stay in touch with them by emails or such so that you could notify them of any good deals or exclusive promotions