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Facebook Ads versus Google Ads for dropshipping

Facebook Ads and Google Ads are considered the top competitors in online advertising. The first thing you should consider for ad campaigns is the online marketing channel. Here, we’ll cover the most basic differences that’ll help you decide which method is more suitable for your dropshipping business.

1. Facebook ads vs Google ad words: the objective

First, you need to decide the main purpose of your advertising campaign: creating brand awareness or increasing sales. After that, you can go ahead with the platform selection.

Here’s a quick tip:

  • Want to reach out a large audience based on interest and demographics? Go with Facebook Advertising.
  • Want to reach out potential customers who already have purchase intent for specific products? Google Adwords is your life saver.

2. Facebook ads vs Google adwords: your budget

If you start with a low budget, Facebook Ads is your best bet. You can deliver your ads with low CPC cost and quickly target the right people.

For Google Adwords, though the CPC cost is quite high, it is nothing when compared to Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) you’ll get in return. We suggest you think of it as an investment and try with Google Adwords if you’re looking for a better ROI in the long run.

If your goal is to improve the sales, Google Adwords boasts a higher conversion rate as compared to Facebook which is known for impulse shopping. Google Adwords is based on user search, therefore, your audience has more intent of purchase than Facebook users.

3. Facebook ads vs Google adwords: sum up

This is a brief sum up to help you decide between Facebook Ads vs Google Adword:

Facebook ads will be the most beneficial choice for you if:

  • You have chosen a niche for your store.
  • Your buyers are not likely to search for products on their own.
  • You want to increase product awareness as well as purchase intent at the same time
  • Your main goal is to build a brand identity and become more recognizable.
  • Your advertising budget is relatively low.
  • You have the ability to create ads that’ll engage the user with your product or service.

Google adwords will outshine Facebook ads if:

  • Your customers already have purchase intent
  • You have a product or service solving a problem that people are actively searching for.
  • Your target audience are businesses or organizations.