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Dropshipping marketing tips for a successful business

You may not need a lot to participate in the dropshipping market, but to strive it is another story. Below are several critical dropshipping marketing tips to attract new customers and improve conversion rates.

Let’s jump into it

1 – Wisely take advantage of Facebook ads

Many dropshipping entrepreneurs are active on Facebook thanks to the variety of data it stores. On Facebook, you can be as particular as possible to mark the exact audience for your ads. 

Facebook ads provide you with plenty of customizable possibilities such as audience, goal, and budget. Additionally, you can decide how your ads look and where it appears. More importantly, it allows you to manage your ads and measure the results in the same place.

2 – Social video is the trend in dropshipping marketing

By 2021, social video is forecasted to make up more than 80% of all consumer web traffic. This figure is a signal for dropshipping businesses to shift marketing focus on using video content as it is a valuable chance for dropshipping owners to get into social video and reasonably make use of it for dropshipping marketing purposes.

3 – Retargeting your potential customers

98% of visitors will leave your site without purchasing. However, it costs a lot of money for ads expense, referral program or attempts in social media and SEO to acquire a visitor whose certain interest in your products. In this case, retargeting can help you recapture a seemingly lost opportunity. 

By retargeting, you go after the leaving visitors by showing them ads that are relevant to the product they’ve viewed. Data shows that these visitors are 70% more likely to convert on your site.

4 – Starting a blog marketing

Blog marketing is a low-cost strategy to reach your target market. One of the most important meanings of blog marketing is the chance to enlarge your SEO results.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a set of processes that develop your content to boost your available traffic. The more effort you modernize your blog entries for SEO, the more possibility your website will be on a search tool results page.  Therefore, people can notice and get attracted to your dropshipping business.