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Benefits of product personalization

Product personalization, also frequently known as product customization, could be defined as the practice of providing your customers with customized goods and/or services according to their preferences.

Let’s take a look at some figures from a recent market research: 53% of online shoppers think that businesses that offer product personalization are deemed to deliver a better service. Additionally, 45% of the shoppers prefer to shop from a store that offers personalized recommendations. Now that just briefly explains the recent popularity of product personalization. Here we are gonna dive into their potential benefits that could explain this phenomenon.


1. Increasing your sales

As stated above, customers prefer to have a nice shopping experience with businesses offering personalized goods. What does this mean? If your store does offer personalized products, you already are having a higher chance of winning customers. The only thing you need to do now is to work on delivering the best customer support for your customers in order to gain their trust and customer loyalty.

2. Building your brand image

The name has it all. Product customization adds a personal touch to the product, which makes those products are perfect choices for gifts and such. Also, it is totally possible for you to build your brand image on this line of product if you could be able to utilize the manufacturing process.

3. Gaining customer insights

Another great benefit of selling customized products is you could gain the most detailed insights on your customers, which now includes not only basic information such as gender and location but also their personal preferences and such. Combining this with a thorough analysis, it is likely that your business can take advantage over other competitors in the market which is no doubt, the most ultimate goal for any business owner.