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A comprehensive guide to micro-influencer Instagram marketing

Instagram influencer marketing has become a norm in the marketing field thanks to its ability to help online businesses reach the largest active client base: Social media users. Since most marketer resolves to this marketing strategy, more and more people are trying to become famous influencers, which saturates the market. That is why nowadays, marketing using micro-influencers on Instagram is the ideal choice for many store owners.

1. Who are micro-influencers on Instagram?

Micro-influencers are Instagram users that have a good amount of followers, usually ranging from 2,000 to 20,000. Although they are not as popular as higher-profile users, they can post contents that have a high engagement rate and are related to their niches. 

2. What are the benefits of micro-influencer marketing?

  • Better engagement rates

Since the follower base is quite moderate, micro-influencers have more chances to authentically interact with their followers, unlike big influencers. Furthermore, while normal influencers have to post contents that appeal to their fans, leading to granular posts, micro Instagram influencers have more freedom to write about their interests (since that is probably what others wanted to see more from the beginning), which keep most of the followers engaged.

  • More affordable

Generally, micro-influencers are more affordable than normal influencers due to their popularity and reach to more groups of people. This is one thing that is better for small businesses since there are more things for them to consider. In many cases, you can even “gift” them free products to promote instead of giving flat rates.

  • Better authenticity

As we have said, micro-influencers most of the time post and write about what interests them. With a small number of followers, such users can more conveniently interact with the comments, the stories, etc. This is clearly preferable than a user that has a social media manager and restricts themselves from posting what they want to.