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5 reasons to promote dropshipping on Instagram

Instagram has reached one billion users, which makes it the second most popular social network after Facebook. Instagram will be one of your strongest allies in marketing and will play an enormous role in making your dropshipping business a success.

Below are some specific reasons why you should promote your Dropshipping business on Instagram.

1. Large user base

Instagram has nearly 1 billion active users, millions of daily active users and around millions of images and videos shared on Instagram each day. Therefore, it would be really promotional for your business as you may get higher audience coverage and an increased conversion rate.

2. All organic traffic: Less investment

If you choose the right niche, post regularly and promptly reply to your audience, there will be lots of ‘organic traffic’ generated without paying a single penny.

Most of the potential buyers of the US market are active users on Instagram so it can be a boost for your business.

3. Advantage over the competitors

Facebook and Twitter are still entrepreneurs’ go to for marketing even though Instagram also has just as many users on their app. According to a survey, only 2-3% business units use Instagram. This should be used as an advantage since you face less competition in the marketing network on Instagram.

4. Visual content is more effective

“Use a Picture. It is worth 1000 words.”

It goes without saying that a picture always caught our eyes more than a line of text, and that is what Instagram is all about: Posting pictures and short videos. Promotions on Instagram are also less complicated. Post an image of the product, or a short snippet of people reviewing it with a hashtag and add a simple caption. Doing so will help your audience have a better understanding of the item while you can still direct them to your official store.

5. Simplicity

Advertising your dropshipping business is quite simple with Instagram. You only have to sign up for an account, set it to a business account and your promotional platform is ready. A small tip for you when you want even more exposure is to create multiple accounts. It might sound like a hassle but believe it or not, they’re just one touch away from each other. Be careful though, you may annoy some users if your posts take over their feed.

In conclusion, Instagram brings about several benefits as a marketing channel. Especially for newcomers who just started a new dropshipping business, this is your ideal social media for online marketing.