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ShopBase and Shopify: What are the Differences?

We have updated more insightful information about the ShopBase and Shopify differences to give online merchants a better comparison between these two platforms and help you choose the most suitable one for you.

Looking for Shopify alternatives? Meet ShopBase.

Today we’ll show you the differences between ShopBase and Shopify. Then, you’ll determine what’s best for your business when evaluating eCommerce platforms.

To get started, take a look at the nature of each platform:

ShopBase: ShopBase is the first white-label, dropshipping, and print-on-demand (POD) platform in the world. We offer a powerful website builder and a set of conversion optimization tools to help you create a profitable online business. If you plan to start a white-label, dropshipping, or POD business, ShopBase will be your go-to choice.

Shopify: Shopify is an eCommerce platform that lets you start, grow, and manage a business. Their customers leverage Shopify’s technology and third-party partners to sell in many places, including web, social, media, and pop-up shops.

So, what makes ShopBase better than Shopify for you?

1. How does ShopBase compare against Shopify?

This part will use the following points to compare ShopBase with Shopify. Use the analysis to identify our significant differences, make an informed choice, and find a breath of fresh air for your business.

  • Powerful online store builder
    • Innovative Store Creator
    • Fast site loading speed
    • 250 product variants
    • Importing products made super easy
  • Conversion optimization 
    • Email and SMS abandoned cart recovery
    • Built-in one-step checkout
    • Trust badges
    • Native advanced tools to boost sales
  • Extremely affordable pricing

Let’s dive in. 

2. Powerful online store builder

Want a super-easy way to create your print on demand website, build a dropshipping business at scale, have an online store without needing to make it from scratch, or want a store with high loading speed so your customers can have a better shopping experience?

ShopBase has got you covered.

2.1. Powerful Store Creator

Right after the moment you sign up for an account on ShopBase, you’ll receive a fully hosted website like this:

ShopBase and Shopify differences

You no longer need to take much time figuring out how you can build a dropshipping website or what you should do with a bunch of technical stuff. A free site is waiting for you to get it. No strings attached.

Shopify: You’ll have to create a website on your own, from choosing a theme to customizing the site. It takes a lot of time and effort, especially for beginners, to build a store from scratch.

2.2. Fast site loading speed

Quick site peed means a higher-end shopping experience. It tells people that you take their limited time seriously. The longer it takes to load a site, the less likely people are to stick around. Also, a faster website can give your SEO strategy a boost.

We understand what you need. That’s why we’ve built your store in a way that it always loads quickly and works smoothly. Hence, you won’t miss any opportunity to make your prospect satisfied.

Shopify: Slow site loading speed. It’s sad but true!

2.3. 250 product variants

You can add up to 250 variants to a product and free to adjust settings for each variant. Also, you can edit many products at the same time with the Bulk Update feature.

Shopify: A maximum of 100 variants.

2.4. Importing products made super easy

ShopBase offers many ways to import products to your store:

  • Migrate your Shopify store to ShopBase in minutes using the Migrate to ShopBase app.
  • Install the Dropship Connector app to import products from AliExpress.
  • Select products and upload your design with Print Hub.
  • Use a CSV file to upload products in bulk.

Shopify: Use CSV only. 

3. Conversion Optimization

We’ve built the ShopBase platform with conversion optimization in mind. So you don’t have to worry about what you should do to optimize your store. Everything is all set for you.

3.1. Email and SMS abandoned cart recovery

ShopBase integrates email and SMS abandoned cart recovery solutions to help you boost sales up to 15%. There’s no need to install third-party apps.

Shopify: Need to install email and SMS abandoned cart tools from their third-party partners.

3.2. Built-in one-step checkout

One-step checkout simplifies the checkout process of your eCommerce store. It’s one of the most effective technical changes ShopBase offers you to reduce your abandoned cart rate. All elements of a standard checkout such as basket contents, shipping options, and payment information appear on one page only.

Shopify: Require to install third-party apps to use a one-step checkout.

3.3. Trust badges

Using trust badges, you’re more likely to increase your sales to a whopping 42%. At ShopBase, we understand customer trust is always a big deal. That’s why we offer the easiest way to add trust badges to your store, including the product page and checkout page.

Shopify: It’s a complicated process if you want to add trust seals to a store.

3.4. Advanced tools to boost sales

ShopBase comes with exceptional features to support your business as much as possible. Quantity discount, smart upsell/cross-sell, post-purchase upsell, personalized recommendations, etc. are useful features that you can’t ignore.

Shopify: Need to install third-party tools.

4. Designed for dropshipping and print on demand sellers

We partner with reliable fulfillment services to bring the best product to you. You’re free to print 2D or 3D products with the lowest base costs and the fastest shipping time.

Want to sell AliExpress products on ShopBase? It’s easier than ever. We’ll help source the highest-quality product with the best price, create professional product packaging, and deliver orders within 6 – 12 days.

Shopify: Not supported.

5. Extremely affordable pricing

ShopBase and Shopify differences

  • Save more than 30% with ShopBase.
  • Our Standard plan ($59/mo) includes more features against Shopify’s plan ($79/mo).
  • Try ShopBase free for 14 days with all features (no credit card required) and then choose a plan that best suits you.

6. We’re here to support you

Are you ready to use ShopBase to start your online business? Or you’re halfway through the decision-making process? No matter where you’re now, we always assist you and your growing business. Feel free to contact us at any time.

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