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Comprehensive guides covering all steps from square one to a successful eCommerce business. Those who enjoy educating themselves by reading in-depth guide with more than 5000 words will enjoy burying their noses in these eBooks.

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Short & on-demand webinars to help you learn to grow your business, from intial traffic to the 1st sale, and beyond. It's perfect for those who would prefer visual content rather than wordy (but not boring) guides.

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Be "in the know" with the newest eCommerce trends, tips, and case studies of ShopBase successful merchants, from well-written articles published every week.

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Additional Resources

Ecommerce Wiki

This is an internet-based encyclopedia established by ShopBase. It covers everything you need to know about dropshipping, print-on-demand, and eCommerce in general.


Help Center

This is ShopBase's knowledge center which combines short & actionable lessons and aims to support you as you learn about & use ShopBase to grow your eCommerce business.


Tutorial Video

This is ShopBase's official Youtube channel. On this channel, we share tutorial videos that help you along when building your eCommerce business with ShopBase.


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Keep updated with the latest eCommerce trends, meaty ideas, and new learning resources on a biweekly basis.

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