Weekly update from ShopBase/PrintBase – April Week #1, 2021

Thank you for being a part of the ShopBase/PrintBase community. We would like to keep you updated on some minor changes as below: 

1. Announcement of Template & Mockup updates for New Multi Piece Zip Hoodie and New Multi Piece Hoodie

For the purpose of product quality enhancement, ShopBase/PrintBase has reviewed and decided to amend the Template and Mockup for these two products: 

  •  New Multi Piece Zip Hoodie

–  New Template: Link

–  New Mockup: Link

  •  New Multi Piece Hoodie

–  New Template: Link

–  New Mockup: Link

New Template and Mockup will be applied from 00:00 (UTC+7), April 9th, 2021

For old campaigns running before the above time, the orders will be fulfilled with the old Template and Mockup.

2. Announcement of Restricted Ship-to Countries/Regions

Due to the COVID-19 and some geographical factors, there are restrictions on shipping in some countries/regions. 

Please refer to this list of Restricted Ship-to Countries/Regions in our Catalog  >>PrintBase Product Catalog

Announcement of Restricted Ship-to Countries/Regions

ShopBase highly recommends you check this link frequently to keep yourself updated with the latest information. 

3. Announcement of Shipping fee/Basecost REDUCTION

We are happy to inform you PrintBase/PrintHub will systematically reduce the Shipping Fee/Basecost, as below:

Announcement of Restricted Ship-to Countries/Regions

* Note: For further details on the Premium Ladies T-shirt và Crewneck Sweatshirt’s adjusted price for each variant, please >> Click here

The new price will be applied from 0:00 on April 9th, 2021 (UTC+7)

We strongly believe that our new price will provide you great values and also reflect our commitment to customer’s benefit and satisfaction!

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