Weekly update from ShopBase/PrintBase – Week 09/28/2021- 10/04/2021

Thank you for being a part of the ShopBase/PrintBase community. We would like to notify you about some changes

         1. Announcement of Template updates for AOP Sweater

To ensure product quality enhancement, ShopBase/ PrintBase has reviewed and decided to amend the Template for AOP Sweater as below: 

  • New Template: Link

Applicable Time:  from 00:00 (UTC+7), Sep 29, 2021.

For all campaigns created after the above time, orders will be fulfilled with the initial Template, hence no action required.

       2. Announcement of Mockup and Description updates for some products

To help merchants create stunning and high-quality product images, ShopBase/PrintBase has changed Mockups and updated the product descriptions for some products. Details are listed as below:

Applicable Time:  from 00:00 (UTC+7), Sep 29, 2021.

  • Custom Pillow: Link

Applicable Time:  from 00:00 (UTC+7), Oct 01, 2021.

For all campaigns created after the above time, New Mockups will be displayed. 

Note: The new description will be updated on the PrintBase Product Catalog after the above time

     3. Announcement of Taxes Module for PrintBase orders 

As you may know, PrintBase products when shipped to certain regions of the US will be imposed sales tax according to the regional regulations. To help merchants/buyers have a clear understanding on this matter, PrintBase would like to provide you with the information on the Sales Tax Calculation for specific regions and products as following: 

  • Applicable Time: October 1st, 2021
  • Regions: California, Florida, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas
  • By default, Taxes will be charged directly to your customers and the amount of tax payable will be displayed on the Check-out page. However, PrintBase merchants can set up to pay taxes instead of buyers which will be deducted from your orders’ profit by going to Settings > Taxes on the PrintBase admin site. 
  • Please refer to this link for a full list of Tax rates for PrintBase.

Many thanks for your kind attention and for being appreciative of this situation. 

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