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June 18, 2021

Part-time Dropshipper Reached $100k Monthly Revenue in 1 Year with 1 Process: How and How?

“80% Of My Time Is to Find & Test for Winning Products” Anyone who has done dropshipping knows that it’s no simple feat. Now, imagine starting a business during a global pandemic, with 9-to-5 deadlines still going on. It’s exactly what Aaron did. He started his side business a year…

By: Chris Dao

December 31, 2020

How I Made $126,927 from Dropshipping during Covid-19 Pandemic

In February 2020, full of determination and enthusiasm, Mary, a young girl from Colorado, got started with dropshipping. She was a newbie, but that didn’t stop her from learning and succeeding in the industry. Her performance was nothing short of incredible. From February to June 2020, in only 4 months,…

By: Andy Nguyen

June 3, 2020

How Gymshark Grew by 200%+ Year On Year and Hit £41M in Sales

In nearly 7 years, Gymshark achieves great success (perhaps we should say a cult-like following): A sportswear empire valued between £300M and £400M. Their revenue reaches $50M in 2017 and $128M in 2018. Their net worth grew rapidly: $108K (2013), $1.5M (2014), $2.5M (2015), $3.4M (2016), $11.8M (2017). The No.1…

By: admin

February 11, 2020

How Fashion Nova beats out Dior and Gucci to Become the Most Googled Fashion Brand in the World

Fashion Nova is a MASSIVE hit in the world of fashion: Generated more than $400 million within just 18 months after launching their website. A tailor-made Instagram brand with over 20M total followers on three different accounts. The value of Fashion Nova’s social media exposure is more than that of…

By: admin