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ShopBase comes with hundreds of features that can be customized for any work needs with more added every week. And they're all free, forever.

Finding & Selling productsOrders & ShippingMarketing & ConversionStore Management

Finding & Selling products

Fill your store with bestsellers.


Make Print-On-Demand easier and more profitable than ever.

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A dropshipping agent for any trending products with fast shipping & product quality assurance.

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Ali Dropshipping Connector

One click to import and sync products from AliExpress to your store.

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Size charts

Help merchants and customers check size guide easily from a product page on your store.

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Insert watermark on product images to mark and secure ownership for your store.

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Product Personalization

Product Customizer for Print On Demand + Live Preview.

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Migrate to ShopBase

Move data from other platforms to ShopBase in an instant.

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Orders & Shipping

Cover you from A to Z: taking orders, packaging and shipping.


Encourage shoppers to purchase with money-saving incentives.

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Joyingbox can provide warehousing and delivery services.

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Dianxiaomi ERP

Manage multiple stores based on multiple platforms at one-stop.

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AllRoot ERP

Help you manage your store’s data in one centralized place.

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Mabang ERP

The go-to solution for inventory and logistics management.

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Professional Dropshipping Sourcing and Fulfillment Agent.

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Marketing & Conversion

Get more customers to buy more products they love.

Boost Upsell

Increase Order value & Sales with Smart Upselling.

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Conversion Optimizer

Create urgency and scarcity for sales to increase conversion rate.

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Encourage customers to buy products and enhance your brand's reliability.

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Engage your customers and boost your business.

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Abandoned checkout recovery

Recover the abandoned cart by sending
email & SMS

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Grow your business with Email Marketing Automation.

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Create multi-purpose popups to interest buyers and run promotion programs.

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Implement, track and manage your affiliate program.

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ShopBase Ads Assistant

View data in Facebook Ads more timely and accurately.

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Conversion Analytics

Analyze funnels to find opportunities for conversion rate optimization.

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Product Feed Builder

Create product feeds to use on sales channels like Facebook and Google Shopping.

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Landing Page Builder

Build one-product stores and landing page funnels to sell more efficiently.

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Google Analytics

Track shopper analytics with extensive reports from Google.

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Meta (Facebook & Instagram)

Bring your products to Facebook and Instagram users.

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Google Shopping

Reach shopper and get discovered across Google.

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Google Ads

Reach new customers and grow your business with Google Ads.

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Beta version for Esty order management and fulfillment.

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Help you track performance and optimize Yahoo search.

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Track actions people take on your website via Pinterest.

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Find new customers and optimize your ads campaigns.

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Reach new audiences using creative ad formats and engaging content.

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Bing Ads

Understand more about customers behavior and traffic source.

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Track your website’s action that drive value for your business.

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Measure and understand actions that people take on your website.

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Connect advertisers to audiences to growth their business.

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Grow your business with all-in-one affiliate tracking software.

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Collect reviews and build trust for your store.

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Store management

Go beyond built-in options with added pages and features.

Bulk Update

Reduce your workload by applying changes to multiple products at once.

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Block Spy Tools

Stop stalkers from spying on your store and stealing your ideas.

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Help dropshipping business owners collect taxes on sales.

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Reach customers and convert better with branding through blogs.

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Sell to buyers from all across the globe with advanced localization.

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All apps included in one platform, no extra charges

ShopBase comes with hundreds of features that can be customized for any work needs — with more added every week. And they're all free, forever.