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Dropshipping Strategy To Diversify Your Sales & Advertising Channels In 2022

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December 28, 2021 l 10.30 PM (GTM +1:00)
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Must-Watch Webinar For Both Newbies & Experienced Dropshippers

To stay profitable in the long run while dropshipping is increasingly fierce, building brand & diversifying your selling channels are no doubt the best solutions.

It applies to not only merchants who has run dropshipping businesses for a while (now want to scale it up), but also the beginners as well. The whys are simple:

Having a strong brand means having a loyal customer base. You'll cut the huge costs of new customer acquisition nearly by half or more.

It allows you to build your own competitive advantages, making it harder for other merchants to compete.

Selling in various sales channels increases your reach to new customers and make them loyal ones by enriching their shopping experience.

It lowers the advertising costs when depending on only unstable channel like FaceBook, and makes the ads testing & scaling phases much easier.

So if you really want to drive profit with dropshipping and scale it up x2, x3 times later on, let's learn to do it effectively with us in this 1-hour-long session.

Webinar Agenda

1. The strategic process of dropshipping branding

Learn the benefits of branding & how to build a strong, trusted dropshipping brand.

2. How to sell on multi-sales channels

Learn to conquer the challenges of selling on both your own online website and marketplaces (Amazon, etc.)

3. How to diversify your advertising channels

Understand the perks of having more than one traffic acquisition source & how to test, scale your ads throughout various channels (Facebook ads, Google Shopping ads, TikTok ads, etc.)

4. Real case study - $1M revenue on toys niche

Discover the secrets & best practices of a Dropshipping brand getting roughly $1M by selling toys only.

653 people registered this webinar

Meet Our Speakers

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Mr. Anas Aouragh
CEO of Disputifull | Famous eCommerce Entrepreneur in Morocco | Google Shopping Expert

In this webinar session, Anas Aouragh will walk you through the entire strategy (plus best practices) for dropshipping brand building and sales & ads channel diversification. Everything he shares is drawn from his great experience & profound know-how of dropshipping, so you just couldn't expect more!

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And prepare yourself to learn, practice the branding & channel diversification strategies, then take your business to the next level!
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December 28, 2021 l 10.30 PM (GTM +1:00)
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ShopBase YouTube Channel & ShopBase Fanpage

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653 people registered this webinar

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