1st Contest For Dropshippers

or any eCommerce merchant to open online stores and sell to the max in order to win the prize valued up to $85,000.


The more you sell
The bigger prize you earn

The total revenue generated from selling products in your ShopBase stores defines which prize to win. Hence sell more products, earn more revenue, then score bigger prize.

Each winner deserves a wow

Either take the prize or the cash equivalent to the value of it, your call! Plus, each prize includes a ShopBase free-subscription fee coupon for up to 10 months.

Tesla S Long Range Plus

Equivalent to: $85,000

Mercedes-bez E 350 Sedan 2021

Equivalent to $59,000

Ford Mustage EcoBoost Fastback 2020

Equivalent to $32,000

4th Prize: Mazda CX- 30 2.5 S 2021

Equivalent to:


5th Prize: Triumph's Moto Street Triple RS

Equivalent to:


6th Prize: Ducati Scrambler Icon Dark 2020

Equivalent to:


7th Prize: BMV G 319 R 2020

Equivalent to:


8th Prize: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Equivalent to:


9th Prize:
27-inch iMac with Retina 5K Display

Equivalent to:


10th Prize: Iphone 12 Pro Max 256GB

Equivalent to:


11th Prize: Drone DJI Mavic Air 2

Equivalent to:


12th Prize: Amazon $500 Gift Card

Equivalent to:



Join TopBase in 2 steps

Basically, every ShopBase merchant having at least one active ShopBase store is automatically an attendee.

1. Open your ShopBase store

Have a ready-to-sell store created with no more than 1 click.  Your store is auto-optimized to boost the conversion rate when selling dropshipping/print-on-demand products.

2. Sell to the max

From product sourcing, order fulfillment to free marketing tools to maximize your profit, ShopBase got all those covered for you to push your sales to the fullest.

Everyone can be a winner

ShopBase make it easy for any merchant to get started, sell the quickest way, then get profit & earn one of TopBase's prize.

Expand your winning chance

Your total revenue is accumulated from all the ShopBase stores you create under one account. So own more stores to get higher chance of winning the TopBase prize.

Sell together, earn together

One last tip: Just invite as many friends as possible to create stores & sell under your account. It'll help increase your chance of scoring bigger prize.

Leverage free marketing tools

Win customers & earn more on each of them with ShopBase free upsell, cross-sell tools, abandoned cart emails & sms, and more.

Learn everything to grow

Get yourself well-equiped to double or tripple your online sales with ShopBase's eCommerce guides, pre-made templates, learning hub, etc. And all are free to grab & learn anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

The contest begins at 00:00:00 AM UTC on October 24, 2020 and ends at 11:59:59 PM UTC on December 30, 2020. Hence the revenue generated by your stores starts caculating for the contest from 00:00:00 AM, Oct 24.

Basically, ShopBase merchants having at least one active ShopBase store and meeting all requirements listed in TopBase's policies are automatically participants of TopBase.

Definitely. The reward are calculated based on the total revenue generated by each merchant account so online merchants can accumulate revenue in different stores of each account to increase the chance of winning bigger prizes.

Yes, all revenue from cancelled or returned orders will no longer be calculated as valid one.

The final result will be announced 1 week after the contest ends. The prize will be delivered to the winner in the next 2 - 4 weeks.

Learn more at TopBase Policy >>

This Holiday, Work Hard Win Easy
And Make Every Penny Of Your Sales Counts