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October 28, 2020

Word hard – Win big with TopBase Contest 2020

Big holidays are coming to town! You all must be pulling up your own sleeves to increase the profit of your e-commerce business as much as possible. To give you a hand with that, ShopBase is thrilled to announce the opening of TopBase Contest 2020. With many huge prizes waiting…

By: Andy Nguyen

July 29, 2020

How to Turn a Seasonal Tradition into a Hot Holiday Product

The changing seasons influence every aspect of our lives — from weather conditions, temperature, and the environment to what we eat and how we dress up. All of us have embraced one or two particular seasons of the year as part of our yearly tradition. These seasonal traditions impact the…

By: Emma Tran

June 10, 2020

4 brilliant ideas to boost seasonal sales with ShopBase apps

We all know it’s a bit overwhelming when it comes to seasonal sales with your online store.  As there are certain occasions of the year like holiday time (Christmas, Halloween), seasonal sales (summer, spring,…), traditional festivals (Mardi Gras, Coachella Music Festival,..) when you just can’t have enough time to handle…

By: admin

May 22, 2020

ShopBase customer testimonials

At ShopBase, customer satisfaction is the key point to our success and also the mission that we’ve always put in the top place in our 10-year experience in the eCommerce industry.  We love to hear their feedback about everything when it comes to using ShopBase for their businesses. From there,…

By: admin

May 18, 2020

ShopBase Review: A Newfangled Cross-Border eCommerce Store Builder

The content is originally posted on eCommerce platforms for ShopBase review, contributed and rated by Ecommerce Platforms Editorial Team. Catch a sidelong glance of this cross-border e-commerce selling channel. So far, it’s a verifiable fact that drop shipping never comes along with newbies pretty easily. Not even with a mere…

By: admin

May 4, 2020

Order Tracking System – A “Must” In Dropshipping: Winning Despite Delays In Shipment

The outbreak of Covid-19 obviously causes negative influences on businesses. Nevertheless, the pandemic has pushed more consumers to shift from offline to online shopping including dropshipping and POD (Forbes), in which an excellent order tracking system is required for the success of any online store. 1. Why order tracking system…

By: admin

April 22, 2020

ShopBase – The Best Shopify alternative: Ultimate Choice For All eCommerce Merchants!

If you are about to start a print on demand or dropshipping business, you probably heard of Shopify. It’s undeniable that the community of Shopify sellers is growing in popularity. It is estimated at over 500.000 global active stores, according to eCommerce Platform.  Shopify is still on the way to…

By: admin

March 19, 2020

ShopBase Affiliate program: How to go from $0 to extra $5,000 passive income each month?

It’s no overstatement to say that Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective ways to make money online.  However, great things just don’t fall down from the sky that easy. Just like other MMO methods, affiliate marketing is nowhere near an overnight “get rich quick scheme”. It’s more complex…

By: admin

February 3, 2020

February mini contest – How did you make your first sale? #MyFirstSale

So you’ve finally taken the plunge. You’ve started your own eCommerce store and got your first real customer ever. Take a few seconds to recall that memory… It’s a sparkling moment. As everyone always says, that feeling you get when you see that first sale is not something that could…

By: admin

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