PrintHub - Trustworthy Print-on-Demand Fulfillment Service

Basecost only from $5.29
All sizes from S to 5XL available
Various colors

PrintHub - Trustworthy
Print-On-Demand  Fulfillment Service 

Getting started is FREE
Fulfill easily via API
High-quality & competitive basecost products
Wide range of product categories
Good guaranteed processing and shipping time
$0.25- $4 bonus per item with PrintHub Bonus Program
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PrintHub Bonus Program

Sell & Receive up to $4 bonus for each sold item
Bonus is calculated based on the number of sold items
Not require to fulfill 100% via PrintHub
More benefits when using ShopBase Storefront

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Frequently Asked Questions

PrintHub is a premium fulfillment service managed by ShopBase. It is completely free to get started with. You don't need to use ShopBase to start fulfilling with PrintHub. You can import orders' information quickly to PrintHub via API.

When the bonus program is enabled for your user account, the bonus will be calculated based-on the number of sales in the next 30 days. To enable bonus program, please contact our customer support via signup link above. After 30 days, we will calculate your total bonus and send it to your account after 7-10 working days.

Bonus will be accumulated for each merchant account, not by the number of stores. Hence, if you move to a new store and still activate the previous account, the bonus will still be counted.

In the case, the bonus from the refunded/canceled items will be deducted from your total bonus.