Shipping & Delivering Policy

Fulfillment process

You’ll have your orders fulfilled within 24 working hours. If you place your orders with ShopBase before 2 PM, we’ll ship them and update their live tracking numbers on the same day. If you place your orders after 2 PM, the fulfillment process will be completed in the next day.


There will be no Chinese messages, texts printed or appearing inside and outside the packages, except the “Made in China” line which must be printed on every packaging according to Chinese current Laws & Regulations.

Shipping time

On average, our shipping time is from 6 to 21 working days from the day inventories are received by our courier. From our past data, there is about only 3% of the orders delivered later than 12 working days. It is unavoidable given a large number of orders processed, seasonal factors and varied locations of the receivers. Here is the list of countries that we are supporting to ship and detail shipping time.

We also provide an express shipping line which takes 5 to 8 working days. This line covers the United States, England, Germany, France, Italy, Spain. Please contact our team for the quotation.

Undelivered or late delivered orders

If your orders are not delivered after 21 working days from the day products are shipped, we will provide you a refund or resend a new package to your customers and pay all the costs incurred.

We'll notify you on your dashboard 7 days in advance when the delivery time is delayed due to the high volume of orders in peak/holiday seasons.

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