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Why should your business opt for reorder?

It is the same story for every single business: it is always easier and cheaper to keep a customer than to acquire a new customer. Good news: We know several methods to turn first-time customers into repeat customers and keep having another shopping experience with your business. Apart from offering your customers with goods and/or services of superb quality, which is an obvious thing, another popular strategy to keep on making sales to your current customers is by means of reordering. 

Reorder could be a perfect eCommerce business strategy that benefits both the sellers and the customers because as the customer already knows that they enjoy their shopping experience with your business and the goods you provided, chances are they will come back to your store in the future and you could witness your sales boosting up.


  • Sending emails

We all know sending marketing is the good old traditional marketing strategy. It is important to inform your customers of when they made their order, when they should expect to receive the item and how long the item would last could help you plan for sending an reorder or replenishment email. We suggest that you send out the first email about a week before their product is expected to be out of stock. You could also include a discount code in the email to incite your customers.  

  • Wishlist

An easy but powerful method here is to allow every of your customers to create a wishlist or a list of their favorite items so that they could easily bookmark any item that they are interested in but still wavering or could not make a purchase immediately at that time. This could make it much more convenient for customers to buy their favorite item, whether it is their first-time purchasing from your business or reorder for the fifth.

  • Get one for your friend!

If the item you sell is not suitable for reordering, you could still encourage your shoppers to spend more by sending out an marketing email which suggests that they buy one for a friend. You could reward your customers with loyalty points to ensure chances of increasing your sales and expanding your customer base.