The Only White Label & Dropshipping Fulfillment Solution You Need

Third-rate products or nightmare delivery from AliExpress kills your business growth in the long run. Selling good-quality, low-cost items with fast shipping is what all beginners or big eComerce players need from the very start.


To quickly get the 1st sale then scale up to thousands of sales per day, start with these five essential fulfillment solutions from CrossPanda:


Trending product recommendation


High-quality product sourcing


Inventory management


Order packaging & fast shipping


24/7 Customer support

CrossPanda's fulfillment solution in a nutshell:

High-quality, Low-cost, Fast, Automated

Finding winning products to sell is no longer a bottleneck

Weekly trending product report

Receive a data-backed report of the hottest products to sell with a suggested pricing strategy every week.

Product idea recommendation

Be the first to know what to sell to maximize sales quickly each selling season/trend before the opportunity gets “cold”.

Selling guides for each niche

Finding what to sell isn’t enough. Get practical selling & marketing tips for each product idea/niche on our blog or directly from our 24/7 consultants.

Sell AliExpress good- quality products with high profit margins

Simple product quote request

Request & get the best quotes for your requested products within a day.

Product quality assurance

We work with top manufacturers to directly test & only source products that meet the highest quality standard.

Affordable product prices

With our local supplier network, we try our best to provide you the lowest product prices possible, even lower than AliExpress product prices most of the time.

Stay in control of everything, from anywhere

Order management

Fulfill multiple orders, track & control the order status and inventory updates in one place, in one click.

High-volume order processing

Have your orders auto-fulfilled in big volume without unsold inventory risks.

Build brand trust with nice & customized packaging

Trusted look & sense

All your orders are boxed in sturdy (with the 2-layered packaging: one bubble wrap inside & one carton box/plastic wrap outside.), beautiful & non-Chinese-message packaging to delight your customer unboxing moments.

Private label packaging

Start building or pick up your current brand trust with our branding packaging set, which includes: Your logo printed on the packaging, a customized label/tag & a customized thank-you letter.

Have your order shipped worldwide within 6 - 21 days

Fast worldwide shipping

Give your customers a quick delivery they expect⁠ with our guaranteed fast shipping time (within 6 to 21 days).

No MOQs required

We stock & ship your orders even when you get only one item sold.

US tracking address

When selling to US customers, you'll have another tracking number that shows only the US delivery address wherever the product source is from.

Have your customers happy & loyal without doing anything

Order-related issues handling

To help you focus on what matters to your business, our customer support team will handle all your customers’ questions or problems related to their orders via our support email system.

Flexible refund, warranty policies

Our product quality & delivery time assurance are backed by our Refund & Warranty policies in order to keep your dispute rate low & increase your customer trust in your brand.

For newcomers

Let's start your online business with ShopBase & CrossPanda in a click.


For current ShopBase users

Let's request quotes to get the best prices for your products.