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Are you having hard times while selling Dropship & Print-on-demand?


Lack of practical experience


Tired of buyer support


No idea on winning products


Dying payment gateway and payment holding


Too much headache of end-to-end logistics

Don't have much local support


PlusBase is the ultimate solution, making Dropshiping & Print-on-demand business easier than ever.

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PlusBase: Ultimate solution for International Dropshipper

Step 1

Create a store with PlusBase. No need to worry with setup or optimize the store yourself.

Step 2

You can select trending products on the list that PlusBase suggests or import your products from Aliexpress

Step 3

Successful orders will be automatically sent to PlusBase's suppliers for processing.

Dropshipping business "no logistics" is a business form where the seller does not need to directly ship the goods to his or her customers. By starting a Dropshipping business by creating an online store through PlusBase's, you will be provided with many free support services.

With PlusBase, your Dropshipping journey is easy in 5 steps:

PlusBase will manage your orders, deliver to the right address, as well as take care of your customers

Step 4

Step 5

The order is complete, you request payout rightaway within 2-3 business days

No-code store templates

No need for web design or coding experience, you can quickly create an international standard sales website thanks to the available store templates with a variety of themes provided by PlusBase.

A few sentences about your products. How it help to solve clients' problems. It should convince the unconvinced. No fake quotes or photos!

Don't know what to sell today! PlusBase provides you with a well-researched, market-leading list of bestsellers, so you're ready to stay ahead of any trend.

Weekly winning products catalog

Exclusive highlights on PlusBase

Kickstart your cross-border Dropshipping journey with us

Built-in Payment gateway

PlusBase provides automatic payment gateway. You do not need to register for an international payment gateway with cumbersome procedures and still easily transact with international customers.

A few sentences about your products. How it help to solve clients' problems. It should convince the unconvinced. No fake quotes or photos!

Marketing tools

24/7 buyer support

Boost upsales tools

5-star fulfillment

The professional buyer care team at PlusBase will help you solve any problem 24/7 no matter where they are or whatever they are facing.

PlusBase comes handy with many top=notch integrations to optimize store conversions and drive profits.

With prestigious manufacturers in the world, PlusBase provides high standard logistics services, ensuring perfect quality of goods to buyers.

PlusBase provides an additional Marketing app store on the online store, giving you the opportunity to increase sales by 200%

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We support +60,000 entrepreneurs wordwide to gain $2B in 2023

PlusBase - Cross-border eCommerce platform that helps double your income!

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