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What is Cross-border Dropshipping?
Why you should get started with PlusBase?

Low startup costs

You don't not need to invest in inventory, warehousing or shipping infrastructure

More profits

You can easily get more profits when selling to UK, EU... rather than your local market

Cross-border dropshipping is a business model where sellers do not have to keep inventory or products, rather, selling products sourced from multiple suppliers who then directly ships the product to the customers in a high profitable countries such as US, UK, Europe, etc.

Why should digital marketers start their dropshipping store?

Easy to scale

Less risk

No need to worry about excess inventor, which helps reduce the risk of losses due to dead stock.

Access a number of suppliers and products from anywhere in the world without inventory management

1. Create an no-code website

No need for web design or coding experience, you can quickly create an international standard E-commerce website thanks to the available store templates provided by PlusBase.

Don't know what to sell today! PlusBase provides you with a well-researched, market-leading list of best sellers, so you're ready to stay ahead of any trend.

2. Add products and start selling

With PlusBase, you only need to focus on selling and maximizing profit.

Let us take care of the rest.

3. We pack & ship your orders

When your orders are placed, PlusBase produces, packs and delivers directly to your customers wordwide.

4. We handle your buyer support

Focus on what matters to your business revenue and let us solve your customer's issues.

Make more money as Digital Marketers
PlusBase's free Marketing & Sales tools

Social media integration

PlusBase helps you sell products and services on social networks by integrating your store with Facebook, Pinterest & Twitter smoothly.

Boost upsales tools

PlusBase comes handy with many top-notch integrations to optimize store conversions and drive profits.

Convert the cold traffic into sales, earn more on each customer with PlusBase automated tools.

Search engine optimization

Craft the perfect title tags, meta descriptions, and product details to create a SEO optimized website, and make your store more visible to potential buyers.

Product review

Digital ads tracking

Email & SMS

Build trust and credibility to persuade customers to buy more by adding SEO-friendly product reviews on your product detail page.

Recover abandoned carts by sending targeted SMS & emails to customers who have left your store without purchasing.

Add multiple pixels to your print-on-demand sites to fully understand customer behaviors & analyze traffic.


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