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Introduce ShopBase: All-in-one Platform for White Label, Dropshipping, and Print on Demand Businesses


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In 2008, we started Beeketing and embarked on a journey to help eCommerce stores grow sales revenue and scale their businesses quickly. We launched marketing automation apps which many of them were known as the best tools on Shopify. 

About 10 years later, after serving more than 1 million customers all over the world and having countless conversations with other service providers, we’ve learned a lot about pain points that cross-border eCommerce business owners have been struggling with. 

We’ve got valuable insights into their problems, like poor product quality, bad packaging, and long shipping time. All of these issues lead to higher dispute rates, low customer retention, blocked Facebook Ad/PayPal/Stripe accounts; you name it. 

Our findings from that period of intense development have surprised us. They inspired us to ‘evolve’ the mission we wanted to achieve when we started Beeketing. 

You see, we initially set out to help eCommerce merchants increase their conversion rate using ecommerce marketing automation apps, in a way that was easy for them to adopt.

At that time, this seemed practical, being that marketing automation is effective to boost conversions and directly impacts the revenue growth of online businesses. We’ve been successful with helping our customers get more sales, with an increase in conversion rate up to 80%. But over time we discovered that we helped them solve only a part of a huge problem. 

With these in mind, we decided to bring about a revolution. We planned to create an open market that benefits everyone: Merchants have the freedom to choose suppliers and sell to any place they want; buyers will receive high-quality products and the best shopping experience; service providers find it easy to develop apps without heavily relying on any platform. 

We called the revolution ShopBase – the first cross-border eCommerce platform specifically for white-label, dropshipping, and print on demand (POD) businesses. 


Here are the best features that make ShopBase the must-have platform for all white-label, dropshipping, and POD businesses:

  1. Store Creator: A powerful feature to quickly create a full store within one click.
  2. Migrate to ShopBase: A 100% free app which helps back up your store or import products from other platforms into ShopBase easily.
  3. Conversion optimization: Everything is built for conversion rate. You’ll be surprised with the high page loading speed of your store. 
  4. Large product variants: Up to 1000 variants. 
  5. Free and quick import products tools: Three ways to upload products to your store. All are free.  
  6. Diverse upsell and cross-sell tools: Quantity discount, last step up-sell, smart up-sell, product recommendation, and post-purchase upsell. 
  7. Cart abandonment recovery: Increase revenue by 5% with cart abandonment email and by 20% with SMS. 
  8. World-class fulfillment services: Enjoy fast shipping time, reliable product test, and premium packaging from CrossPanda
  9. ShopBase Payments: A new way to receive payments online easier, faster, and more secure. 

Can’t wait to learn more about these amazing features? Let’s start at the top. 

1. Store Creator

The moment you sign up for a ShopBase account, our system will automatically create a full hosted store for you, like this:

ShopBase Store Creator

You’ll get a complete and optimized eCommerce store with a free SSL. If you want to use your domain name and customize pages, you’re free to do that as well. 

This is the power of our Store Creator feature which you can’t find in any other eCommerce platform. It helps you start selling products immediately, no technical skills needed.

2. Migrate to ShopBase

Want to switch to ShopBase but wonder how can you move your store from your current dropshipping platforms, like Shopify or WooCommerce? 

Well, we’ve got you covered. Follow the instruction here, and enjoy the amazing tool Migrate to ShopBase that supports you with free Shopify migration to ShopBase. After some minutes, your store’s data including products, variants, collections, and customers will appear in ShopBase. Everything goes smoothly.

Migrate to ShopBase

3. Conversion optimization

We care about your dream and your business. That’s why everything in ShopBase is built for conversion. 

  • Fast loading speed: You don’t need to worry about loading time when selling with our platform. Only the changed content is reloaded, so the loading speed is fast. Your website always performs at its very best.
  • Trusted homepage: The homepage of your store is designed to impress customers and build trust with them. Choose to display information about shipping and returns policies, product recommendation, featured products, customer testimonials, etc. 
  • High-converting product page: It’s easy to convert traffic into sales with trust badges, countdown timer, countdown cart, upselling tools, review, etc. 
  • Optimized checkout page: The one-page checkout page helps simplify the checkout process and give customers convenience when shopping on your store. You can even add a countdown timer and a trust indicator to increase trust and push them complete orders quickly. 

From creating your store to shipping products to end customers, we always do our utmost to ensure you get as many customers as possible and provide the highest quality customer service. 

4. Large product variants

You’re free to add up to 1000 variants for each product, 10X compared to the number of variants that Shopify allows to add. 

ShopBase product variants

You can offer various options for your products like sizes, colors, materials, or even price points. For sizes and colors, you can choose to display variants in either radio buttons or drop-downs. 

5. Free and quick import products tools

There are three ways to import products to your ShopBase store:

  • Work with the Migrate to ShopBase app as described above. 
  • Install the Dropship Connector app to import products from AliExpress. 
  • Use a CSV file to upload products in bulk. 

Select any method that suits you. The importing process will be done in a flash. 

6. Diverse upsell and cross-sell tools

Upselling and cross-selling products are useful to boost average order value (AOV). We’ve kept that in mind since we started building our App Store. 

We decided to provide you the free Boost Upsell app. This means you can use this app right now to increase your AOV without needing to pay a penny.

ShopBase Boost Upsell

Quantity discount, last step up-sell, smart up-sell, product recommendation, and post-purchase upsell – you don’t need to install any additional upsell app. Everything you need to upsell and cross-sell products is already at your disposal. 

7. Cart abandonment recovery

Not everyone who enters your store and adds something to the cart will buy. For abandoned customers, you can win back them by using our cart abandonment recovery tools. 

There are two cart abandonment tools available for you: abandoned cart SMS reminders and abandoned cart emails. In terms of the latter, you can send up to 3 emails to each abandoned checkout on your store. 

ShopBase abandoned checkout

For each email, you’re free to change the email subtitle, email body, and time to send. When you’re done with settings, ShopBase will automatically send those emails to abandoned customers as expected. 

8. World-class fulfillment services

Running a cross-border eCommerce business isn’t that easy. It requires you to be better at solving customer complaints, managing order fulfillment and controlling delivery cost. If there is any problem like broken products or long shipping, your sales can hit bottom.

After digging into the industry, we found that the process of Chinese suppliers’ packaging and shipping is inefficient. They take days to process and ship your orders. They don’t apply technology to predict what your next purchase will be. They use low-quality packaging boxes to save their money, leading to damaged goods.

Don’t worry. We’re excited to introduce you to two ultimate solutions to solve those problems: DropShip Connector and Print Hub. They’re already available in the ShopBase App Store. 

Dropship Connector for dropshipping stores

DropShip Connector connects sellers with suppliers who care about the quality of products and services. This app is designed to help you streamline the dropshipping process and manage your orders effectively. 

ShopBase Dropship Connector

To help you grow and succeed with dropshipping, we also started the dropshipping agent ShopBase China (SBCN). We’ve partnered with several shipping companies in the world, so you can be sure the shipping time is fast. Usually, AliExpress takes from 15 – 30 days to ship an item from China to the US, but for us, it takes 6 – 8 days only. 

SBCN will take charge of finding trending products, conducting the quality test, and giving you the lowest price. We provide premium packaging services, following the standards of well-known eCommerce companies like Amazon. You can choose to print your logo or thank-you cards on the package, which is useful to increase brand awareness and improve the shopping experience. In doing so, you’ll encourage your customers to buy more from you. 

Dropship Connector is already connected with ShopBase China. You can leverage them to make a killing on your dropshipping store. 

Print Hub for POD stores

Print Hub focuses on printing, fulfilling, and shipping on-demand products such as T-shirts, shoes, quilts, and more. It is now available in ShopBase. 

ShopBase PrintHub

After installing Print Hub to your store, you can upload your design to the Mockup Generator, apply colors and sizes, set pricing, and then launch it. You can manage all the orders right inside the app admin. 

Apart from Print Hub, we integrated ScalablePress and BurgerPrints. So, you have more choices to design your products and sell them on ShopBase. 

Recently we discovered that over 60% of the current payment is via Paypal, but sellers will have to enter the tracking numbers of orders manually. Hence, we developed a feature that automatically syncs tracking numbers from your store to PayPal via Dropship Connector and  Print Hub. This will help reduce your dispute rates on PayPal significantly. 

9. ShopBase Payments

PayPal and Stripe are common payment gateways for eCommerce sellers. However, the problem is they’re not available for all countries and have some limits. This causes thousands, if not millions, of people to give up their entrepreneur dreams because they can’t sign up for a payment account. 

We know that, and we don’t want you to continue suffering from this pain. That’s why during the time we built the ShopBase platform, we developed our own payment gateway with all of the possible flexibility and convenience: ShopBase Payments.

ShopBase Payments

ShopBase Payments is a powerful and easy-to-use credit card processing system. It leverages Stripe and BlueSnap technologies to offer you a bunch of unique features and benefits. With ShopBase Payments, you can now accept and manage VISA, MasterCard, and American Express. We support more than 40 countries in the world.

Last but not least, ShopBase Payments comes with an anti-fraud system. Hence, your customers don’t have to worry about stolen identities and payment credentials.

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If you have any feedback or feature requests, feel free to contact us. We’d love to hear from you!