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June 29, 2021

7 eCommerce Fulfillment Strategies to Boost Your Business

Contrary to popular belief, a successful eCommerce business does not rely on sales and marketing alone. You can have the best products at the most attractive prices on a website that is easy to navigate and purchase from. Still, if your eCommerce fulfillment strategy does not get the orders to…

By: Chris Dao

June 18, 2021

Shoot up your revenue by 4.5 times with Upselling and Cross-selling strategies

So you might hear about upselling and cross-selling and wonder how it can improve sales? Imagine when customers are wandering on your online store then click to see more information about a product, they see a list of “accessories” or “related products” where you offer them what they might also need…

By: Chris Dao

July 1, 2020

Why should landing page optimization be your before-all for a better conversion rate?

Think about this: You start your website and spend countless hours designing, putting in all the SEO strategy to make it SEO-focused. You even invest in search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, and social media to boost your site ranking in the SERP (Search engine result page). Few months in, you…

By: admin

June 10, 2020

Rescue 70% of your revenue from the biggest drop-off on checkout page with super-duper tips!

No matter how high or incredible the volume of your website’s traffic is, you still may fall into a zero-revenue scenario if customers dropped-out right in the checkout step. Research once cited that 69.57% of people that make it to the checkout page never checkout. They get there, and for…

By: admin

May 22, 2020

The Math behind Reducing Cart Abandonment – and How to Set It Up to Earn 35% more Sales

You spend a lot of time and money driving high-quality traffic to your online store and pushing shoppers to add an item to their cart — but what happens when they leave your site without completing a purchase? Why are your visitors not converting? It’s hard enough to get visitors…

By: admin

May 16, 2020

Easy-to-take strategies to move away from shipping delays

Lots of things in this world are partial, but the priceless gift that everybody might own equally is 24 hours per day. So that, hardly a person could long to spend their precious time just to wait for shipping delays. Too many things have been said, discussed, and concluded on…

By: admin

May 15, 2020

$232 in exchange for $18000 sales: Here’s how ShopBase helps online merchants to optimize their abandoned cart recovery SMS

Cart abandonment is like a longing pain in the neck for online retailers!  Every day,  69.23% of online carts are abandoned, which means that your sales numbers may only be one-third of what they could possibly be. You, eCommerce merchants, lose your potential orders, and sales numbers just stay still….

By: admin

May 5, 2020

Social Proof: Old But Gold – Most Influential Tool To Boost Convert

Social Proof is nothing new but it is still a super-effective tool to trigger conversions. In general, Social Proof is a psychological phenomenon that people assume following others would be the right choice(*). Effects from the crowd would motivate consumers’ tendency to make decisions of purchase due to the fact…

By: admin

May 4, 2020

Order Tracking System – A “Must” In Dropshipping: Winning Despite Delays In Shipment

The outbreak of Covid-19 obviously causes negative influences on businesses. Nevertheless, the pandemic has pushed more consumers to shift from offline to online shopping including dropshipping and POD (Forbes), in which an excellent order tracking system is required for the success of any online store. 1. Why order tracking system…

By: admin

April 6, 2020

An insightful look into ShopBase Store Builder – The most innovative online store builder in the world

Many of you have tried Shopify, WooCommerce, etc, and probably, at least one of you feels exhausted when trying to build up everything for your online store from scratch.  It’s definitely a daunting task, not to mention that you need to optimize every element in your store to give customers…

By: admin

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